A peaceful meadow in Ada, Michigan with gifted yoga instructors and goats!!

My Journey into Goat Yoga

My journey to begin Bluebird Meadow Goat Yoga started with my four children giving me a goat yoga class for my 52nd birthday. It was my oldest daughter Hannah’s idea because she knew it would be a fun way of combining two things that I love… Goats and Yoga.

I have been raising dairy goats for the past 11 years with many ups and downs and lots of delicious cheese. Having practiced yoga for the past 10 years the decision to take my 200-hour teacher training to become a yoga instructor was ruminating in my mind mostly so I could personally develop my own practice, but with a background in education, I thought maybe it might be a good fit for me. So, the class my kids gave me for my birthday that year really opened my imagination for what I could do here at Bluebird Meadow. 

Lisa and Luna at the first goat yoga night.
Lisa and Luna at the first goat yoga night.

My husband and I have been operating a hobby farm with a variety of different animals including horses, donkey, ducks, chickens, dairy goats, sheep, and for a few years we even raised some feeder pigs. Those worked out pretty well because they love the whey that is a byproduct of my cheesemaking.  Guests who have visited our home have always expressed an interest in the friendly animals and beautiful quiet country setting.  Sharing this place has always brought me a lot of joy and I realize that, for people who live in the city or suburbia, it is like a cool drink of water.

Even as I write this, the sound of the wind and the bird song is joining me out on the balcony. The mud swallows are swirling around the pillars in protest of my sitting in close proximity to the nest of babies they are care-taking located above the sun shade we installed this year. I’ve moved all the furniture down, But apparently it is not far enough.

I recently came across the mission statement I wrote for Bluebird Meadow a few years ago. I think it fits beautifully with this new venture as well. It reads… Bluebird Meadow seeks to promote peace, harmony, justice, healing and wholeness. Join us as we contemplate and live out these values.

I love this quote…

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a Field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”


Let the joy of goat yoga fill your soul.

Peace, Lisa 

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