A peaceful meadow in Ada, Michigan with gifted yoga instructors and goats!!

Keep Calm and Get On Your Mat

Keep Calm and get on your mat!

Today, I had the chance to share a delightful call with a prospective client. She shared her concern that she has no experience with yoga, but could see how it would be helpful to her. ⁣

Here’s the Deal…. What I love about yoga and why it has helped me so much is that it is a personal practice. It doesn’t matter one bit what the person next to you is doing. It is about you and your body!!! Listening to it’s feedback and honoring that feedback. There is a beautiful interplay between effort and ease. There is not one variation of a pose that is better than another, except the one that is right for you in that moment. ⁣

It really is a journey that will assist you in self compassion. It invites us out beyond our lower egoic self of comparison to lean into our higher best self of acceptance. Now, more than ever, we need to Keep Calm and get on our Mat!⁣

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