A peaceful meadow in Ada, Michigan with gifted yoga instructors and goats!!

People sometimes ask me why I started Bluebird Meadow Goat Yoga

Last year for my birthday, my kids gave me a gift certificate to experience goat yoga as a way to honor me for two things that I love: GOATS and YOGA! I have been raising dairy goats for 11 years and have been making different goat cheeses including mozzarella, chèvre, gouda, cheddar, and seven others. I’ve also been practicing yoga for the past nine years. Goats brings so much joy to my heart and yoga has helped me physically and emotionally. When you put those two together, it is magic. This vitality, joy and connection to nature truly feed my soul. During this cold winter weather, we are looking forward to launching into our 2020 season of Goat Yoga in the spring!