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Intentional Self-Care

I understand how hard it is to be cooped up and the temptation is to vegetate .⁠🏡⁣⁠⁣Today, I’m sharing my self-care suggestions to keep you balanced when the world feels off kilter. 🌎 ⁠⁣⁠⁣The reality is dawning that this is a MARATHON and not a SPRINT. Maybe, we can reframe this time […]

My Life Has Changed So Much

My life has been changed so much for the better through Yoga. ⁠⁠I started my practice at the YMCA and I noticed how much it helped with my aches and pains that were becoming rather pesky. After several years I was ready for more and decided to do a teacher […]

February on the Farm…

February 18, 2020. Today is a bright and sunny day in the middle of February although quite chilly at 23°. We’re having an unusual stretch of what we hope will be the five days of predicted sunshine in a row! Life in West Michigan can get a little gloomy in […]

Saying Good-bye

The joys and sorrows of life on the farm were very palpable this week as I was pressed to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to my beloved dairy goat of 11 years, Violet. She was as sweet as the day was long. Her patience with the baby boys […]