A peaceful meadow in Ada, Michigan with gifted yoga instructors and goats!!

A Debt of Gratitude

While my husband and I are sheltering in place, several of my immediate family and clients are first responders and medical workers. They are my heros! 👮🏼👩🏼‍⚕️

Yes, they chose the medical field and law enforcement .
They are very accustomed to putting their lives on the line for others, but this time of collective awareness of their sacrifice for our community inspires a sense of collective gratitude for their public service.👏

Thank you for all you do each day to protect and serve, always remembering the divine DNA that every human being possesses. I love you all so much!❤️❤️

Whether it is at home or on the front lines, stay strong and do your part! Together we are strong! 💪🏼

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